My husband and I originate from New Jersey and have searched for a pizza that is as good as you would find in the NJ/NY area and Stefano's has done it for us. The dough is perfect, the sauce is delicious and the meat toppings are the best. The downside is that we are out of the delivery area by a few miles and have to do pick up when we want the pleasure of their pizza. It is well worth the drive.

Awesome Pizza and Lasagna:

This place is hands down the best pizza in our area! Any area really, but you can only get it in Friendswood. We had a coupon for lasagna and salads so we order that one night thinking ah it will be okay (who orders lasagna from a pizza joint) Man it was so awesome. Better than most Italian restaurants Lasagna (and isn't that they're specialty usually?) Anyhow, we are on the border of delivery so we luck out if they are slow. If they are having a busy night, we have to pick it up, But totally worth the drive!


Absolutely THE BEST pizza in Friendswood.

I like the Caprina and the pesto w/feta and the Margherita.

No one can top Stefano's!:

This is by far the best pizza in Houston. may i suggest the chicken zealya (if you like spice), the shrimp alfredo, the cheesy garlic bread, and the stuff mushrooms (with crawfish stuffing). all the deserts are just fresh and wonderful. once you try this place, the flyer will remain on your fridge.

Great Pizza:

He has been around a long time and makes Pizza that reminds you of your favorite pizza in college!@ Hand tossed fresh ingredients and it is so good. The crust is awesome and he always puts tons of toppings! Great supporter of Friendswood activities and the food is awesome. Has a full menu - great fried cheese, fettucini alfredo, lasagna, etc! A Friendswood Gem!

Stefano's is awesome I have been going there for over 10 years. My favorite would have to be the porcini ravioli.


Stefano's has the best food and is inexpensive. Plus it's delivered to your door! We order from there for special occasions and just because we love their food!! Absolutely great italian food!


I absolutely love Stefano's. Everyone there is always very friendly and the food is great every time.